I'm Ashley Fischer and I'm 18 years old!

age is commonly misconcepted as 12 or 25, lol.

I have acquired over 300,000 followers on the platform TikTok and expanding to Youtube and Instagram :)

I currently reside in Anaheim, California and I have had my drivers license for over 2 years so the commute to Los Angeles is pretty doable (at the right time lol).

also, I have linked my social media, experience, reels, contact, etc. below!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities :) 

don't be afraid to reach out!

what are you waiting for? let's connect <3

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My Story

Hey :)

This story starts when I was younger.

Watching Youtubers with small slime businesses,

I had always wanted my own room for these projects.

I wanted to organize it just like them. 

Once quarantine had begun, this was the era of finding myself.

My friends and family had become angels;

I never thought to experienced this type of loss.

This was my time to invest into my own chapter.

I'm so glad I've gotten this far on this project.

The restless nights were 100% worth it!

I can finally create for my angels again <3

Thank you :)

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Unlisted Youtube Link

self tape demo reel + short film

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