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I am Ashley Fischer and I am 18 years old. Born in Santa Ana, California on January 8, 2003! I just graduated in 2021 from an audition based entry arts high school receiving an average of a 4.0 GPA senior year. As well as simultaneously being enrolled in college and accepted into a law school for 2022! My acting credits are growing and you will see me in theaters soon :)

My contact email is above, my updated resume and an old demo reel are linked below. As well as my social media and profiles linked on the right side. 

Links include: tiktok, youtube, instagram, famous birthdays, and imdb
Thank you <3
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My Story


This story starts when I was younger.

Watching Youtubers with small slime businesses, Disney Channel actors, Horror movies, and so much more.

I wanted to organize just like them, I wanted everything effortlessly. 

Once quarantine had begun, this was the era of finding myself. A numerous amount of my friends and family had become angels; I never thought I would experience this type of loss.

As of September 17th 2021, I became homeless with my bestfriends, boyfriend and two cats. This journey has been terrifying but incredible. Scrambling to find somewhere to live, the homeless hotline had made me feel like I was at fault. I was given the information of seven shelters in my area, all SEVEN of the shelters had hit full capacity as well as the waitlists also reached full capacity.

we finally got accepted to a place where we moved in on October 6th 2021! I am fighting to help advocate for those who are and who have gone through the same things. 

Juggling school, work, social media, and acting is quite a channel and I am doing everything in my path that I may to become successful. 

This was my time to invest into my own chapter.

I'm so glad I've gotten this far on this project.

The restless nights were 100% worth it!

I can finally create for my angels again <3

Thank you guys so much:)

~Ashley Fischer

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